Atlas: the first "boutique" staffing company

We create opportunities for doctors to custom design their lifestyles and travel schedule, while being invested in the success of the group

Premium rates, flexible travel, and new shared partnership. Just some of the reasons Atlas is changing the game!

I'm Interested!

Our team has worked in over 200 hospitals in facilities with volumes of 5,000/year, up to Level 1 trauma centers of 130,000 visits per year.

No more 'big company' model. It's literally us (the doctors) and your hospital

Atlas doctors don't just “come for a few shifts” and leave. Our physicians are a collaborative group. They are happier and more productive. They travel because they want to, not because they have to.

Customized staffing options to fit YOUR needs.

What can you expect?

Better Metrics: Throughput, door-to-doc, disposition

Engaged Physicians: at meetings, in the department, and easy to connect with outside of shift times

Patient Experience: ‘top box’ is our motto.

We bring...

  • Diverse premium doctors from all across the country.
  • Over 150 hospital systems of experience and 25 states of travel work.
  • 100% EM Residency Trained, Board Certified or Board Eligible Physicians.
  • 100% ACLS/PALS/ATLS/NIH stroke and CME compliant.
  • Energetic, youthful, excited group of doctors.

How do we do it?

Atlas has assembled a team of Physicians that have literally been Hand-Picked from across the country, by experienced Travel EM Physicians. The Best-of-the-Best in EM Doctors that can travel to your facility with ease, and Perform. Every time. Guaranteed.

We take pride in our collegial atmosphere

Flexible Schedules

Want to live in Southern Italy and commute in for a block of shifts?

Rather explore the beaches of Thailand when you’re not at work?

Like to wine-taste in Argentina just for the fun of it?

We can provide you the flexibility to be anywhere you want , in the entire world, when you're not at work. We are flexible. We do not have corporate policies to follow.

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We are in the travel business because of a vision, not a paycheck. We want to bring excellent, top-quality emergency medical care to every corner of the United States.

We are....

  • The first ever, autonomous group of Premium Travel Physicians.
  • Able to custom pick doctors that will work perfectly at your facility, based on personal, clinical Emergency medicine experiences across all practice situations.
  • A group that can adapt quickly and efficiently if your needs change, over time.
  • The doctors that your staff “wishes would come back”. And we do!

"Boutique" Staffing

FOR Physicians BY Physicians

Our style is new and unique. We encourage physicians and hospitals to see us in action. Call and talk with one of our physicians about their Atlas experience.